Orgit Participates in PORT2PORT 2018

Orgit Participates in PORT2PORT 2018

Orgit, a leading provider of technology-based global supply chain solutions, announced its participation in PORT2PORT’s annual shipping, transport, and supply chain convention on June 20th. Orgit will be in booth Space #45 at the exhibition located in Pavilion 2 Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv. Orgit’s professional staff will be onsite to provide demonstrations of its newest software solutions.

Orgit will present products including: WMS360, a Warehouse Management System, RFID (radio-frequency identification) automation products, BPO, a Business Process Outsourcing program, and more. Its highly qualified team of experts will be available to discuss these innovative technologies for the supply chain.

This year the two annual professional sessions, “The Logistics of Tomorrow” and “Logistics – in practice” will be held at the same location as the exhibition. Led by Itzhak Dana, owner and CEO of AGS Logistics, these sessions will feature some of the best logistics personnel, with Daniel Dadoun, CEO, Orgit, participating as a panelist in “The Logistics of Tomorrow”. The session will address logistical and strategic issues affecting the performance of Israeli companies and the progression of the logistics field.

Key questions that will be answered during the “Logistics of Tomorrow” session include:

  • How current companies deal with substantial logistical expansion
  • If  IT solutions in Israel proficiently meet business development requirements
  • Assessing the easiness of logistics software implementation in Israel
  • The impact e-commerce will have in relation to logistics within Israel
  • How receptive the Israeli logistics market will be in regards to logistics robotics and automation

About Orgit

At Orgit, we are problem solvers and efficiency aficionados. Headquartered in New Jersey with offices in Canada, Israel, and Vietnam, our 250+ employees enable business and customer success through technology-driven supply chain solutions. Orgit offers comprehensive solutions packages developed by in-house experts and designed for the changing supply chain. Our end-to-end solutions span from manufacturing through last mile delivery, and are comprised of supply chain consulting, customized IT services, product R&D, warehouse automation, and best-in class customer support.