Seldat Technology Services Receives Prestigious 2019 SAO KHUE Award

Seldat Technology Services Receives Prestigious 2019 SAO KHUE Award

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, April 24, 2019 - Seldat Technology Services, a leading provider of technology-based global supply chain solutions, announced today that it has been awarded the 2019 Sao Khue Award for their technology solutions in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector.

The Sao Khue award is an annual event hosted by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) which is a non-profit organization representing the Vietnam Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry.  The organization developed this award in 2003 to help to recognize up-and-coming IT companies in Vietnam.  The award goes to products and services that prove to be the best solution for specific markets and have the highest economic value and contribution to the development of the ICT industry in Vietnam.

The process began with an online nomination application to explain the Seldat Tech solutions and company operations.  The initial round was judged by a board of 39, which included representatives from the Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology, Vinasa leaders, among others.

After making it past the first round, Seldat Tech was invited to present the solution in front of four judges, which included two professors and a Ph.D. from top Universities in Vietnam and the Technology and Application Director of Microsoft Vietnam.  The presentation ended with an intense question and answer session.   According to one of the judges, they have been looking for this type of solution and are excited to see implementations improve logistics activities and performance in companies across Vietnam.

Seldat Tech’s Integrated Solutions for Managing Supply Chain and Logistics covers the cycle from order management to last mile delivery.  It features four software applications including POMS (Procurement Order Management Software), WMS360 (Warehouse Management Software), Vendooo Sales Platform (Total Sales Management) and Solocate Dispatch, Route and Delivery Management.  Associated hardware solutions include robot AVG, RFID, Bluetooth, GPS and more for warehouse automation. All of the solutions can be customized and are scalable for any business size and any business requirement. These platforms have been proven in their stability and user-friendliness.

Logistic costs account for a large portion of Vietnam’s GDP (20.9% in 2014 and 18% in 2017) and directly impact a product’s selling price. The more savings that are created in the supply chain, the more attractive the pricing becomes.  This leads to increased sales and better customer experience. The percentage of Vietnam-based companies using an SCM system is currently quite low, accounting for less than 15% using a WMS or DMS the 2017 VLA report . As a result, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has been calling for the adoption of technology from all industrial sectors.

Tuan Nguyen, Country Manager of Seldat Vietnam, shares his thoughts.  “We are honored to receive the Sao Khue award. It is a clear validation of the on-going product development by our SCM and IT experts. We are expecting that with this endorsement, more companies will understand the importance of digital transformation in their systems, and reach out to learn more about how these products can work for them so that they can enjoy the benefits of automation.”

The Sao Khue Award is the most prestigious award in Vietnam and is aligned with up-and-coming technology and trends.

Winners were announced on March 30th and the ceremony was held on April 21st.




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