At Orgit, we understand how stressful it can be dealing with warehouse operations every day. Applying advanced technology into the procedural processes will positively impact to your business. You will see immediate ROI on your investment, and gain free time for planning and forecasting the future demands of your customers. We provide hardware solutions, which are custom built based on your warehouse operation, your expectations, and your budget.


AGV (Robot) and Automation

We can customize the AGV based on your requirements and your warehouse operations. We provide the main device (AGV), Auto-charger, Pallet detection, and Dispatching server.

The AGV serves the "Receiving area" of the warehouse to handle pallets from the "Dock area" to the "Warehouse".

The main AGV components are:

  • Base to handle all the electronics (control board, battery)

  • Lifting hydraulic and lifting motor

  • Gearbox, Motor

  • Power circuit, control circuit, sensor circuit, motor drive circuit

The main features the AGV:

  • Pallet-Jack type AGV

  • Laser and Magnetic navigation

  • Load capacity: 800 kg

  • Lifting distance: 100 mm

  • Travel speed: 5 kmh

  • Working hours: 6 h

  • Charging time: 8h

  • Communication: Wifi

  • Charging mode: Auto

  • Manual mode: supported

  • Management: Orgit Dispatching software

Auto Charger & Dispatching Server


The auto charger is installed at fixed locations, so the AGV can automatically recharge.

The main features of Auto-charger:


  • Voltage: 110/220V

  • Freq : 50/60Hz

  • Current: 9A (Max)


  • Voltage : 24V

  • Current: 40A (Max)

  • Five battery level indicators

  • Green/ red alarm light for working/fault

  • Wire/ Wireless (LAN/2.4Ghz) connection

  • Fuse and Circuit breaker for short circuit protection

  • Charge time reference: 7~8 hours for 24V/200Ah battery

  • Weight: 30kg

  • HxWxL: 27x31x44cm


This system is to manage working status and assign tasks to AGVs as well as create routes and send charging request.

RFID Passive Tag Applicator

The tag applicator affixes RFID tags to incoming shipment pieces. The Applicator also counts the number of pieces that pass through and often goes with Conveyor and Sorting (Splitter) system. The applicator can be adjusted based on your carton sizes and the needed information to be shown on the tag.


  • Speed of printer/applicatoer: ~ 22,000 label / day. Size of tamp maximum 4"x6" (1001,6 x 152,4 mm)

  • Can adjust the tag location based on height from conveyor or distance from edges.

  • Apply to various box weight (minimum is DHL Americas requirement R770: 1kg) and box dimension (minimum is DHL Americas requirement R770: 337x182x100 mm)


  • Mainboard + display + keypad + sensor: control the system

  • Tamp-pad + Peeler unit: stick the tamp to the box

  • Unwinding and rewinding mandrel: hold the RFID Tag scroll

  • Base and Support Unit

UHF RFID Gateway

The Gateway reads all the RFID tags that pass through and sends these IDs to the WMS software. It's able to save all counted RFID tags for a day. Since it is a portable device, it can be moved to any place at your warehouse and able to read up to 100 RFID tags at one time.

The machine can communicate with the AGV Robot by sending its status to the WMS software. There is an RGB LED to show the status with appropriate colors so you know it is working, reading or in error mode. It works within a 7 foot area.


  • UHF RFID reader

  • Antenna for range extender

  • Controller circuit: control the whole system and communicate with WMS

  • LED module : 3 colors for gateway's status information; also having 7-segments LED for display

UHF RFID Conveyor Reader and Forklift Reader

Orgit provides a Conveyor and Forklift Reader, which reads all UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) RFID tags in the working area, and then sends the IDs to the WMS software via WAP.

The Conveyor reader is used for counting the number of cartons passed through, and the Forklift reader is mounted on the forklift to read the Rack location and pallet IDs. They are all built on-demand and adapted for your warehouse facilities.

GPS and Bluetooth Tracking

GPS and Bluetooth tracking device are normally associated with Orgit Tech's Solocate dispatch, routing and delivery software. This device plays two roles simultaneously. It reports the real-time truck location, and it also collects and pushes the total amount of tags (Bluetooth beacon) to Solocate through a 3G/4G connection. This feature is extremely important to track products that have high value or special requirements in transport.


  • Bluetooth reader

  • 3G/4G/GPS modem

  • MCU

  • Power supply