100% Visibility

100% Visibility

Reduced Errors and Returns

Reduced Errors and Returns

Increase Workers Productivity

Increase Workers Productivity

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Warehouse Management System

Our Orgit team truly understands the global supply chain—we develop, build, test and deploy the solutions used by Orgit in its manufacturing, warehouse and transportation operations every day. From our hands-on and continuing involvement in the changing supply chain, we possess a detailed understanding of everyday challenges and processes to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy client demands.

WMS360TM is the singular solution to perfect warehouse operations in single and multi-warehouse environments. The flexible configuration-driven and rule-based system is easy to deploy and intuitive to customize, with advanced features that allow integration with third party platforms, full warehouse automation, EDI, and document management systems. Identify, analyze, and fix workflow challenges immediately and optimize people, processes, and places for success.

Key Benefits

A Warehouse, Worry-free

With an EDI gateway, omni-channel integration, and RFID options all available at no additional cost, you can reduce thenumber of sign-ins, timely checks, exports, transfers, and headaches every day. ustomization for every interface pairedwith role based access means you’re in the know for what you need to know.

Truly Informed Decision-making

Receive ready-made and custom business analytics at every level. Truly leverage and manage your warehouse activities with labor, inventory, transportation, location, vendor, and client performance measurement and reporting to meet business goals.

Warehouse Transcendance For True Sce Convergence.

Extend beyond the inner workings of the warehouse with WMS360 integrations with third party platforms, value add offerings, and customizations to improve the efficiency of your entire supply chain.

Reliable Expert Supply Chain Support

Capitalize on our in-house team of supply chain technology experts, from first demo through ongoing service upgrades. From your implementation team to product developers to customer service, we are wellversed in the world of logistics and supply chain needs.

Core WMS360 Features

Inbound Planning

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Gate Management
  • Receiving ASN/BOL
  • Put-Away/Cross-Docking/Flow-Through

Outbound Planning

  • Wave Management
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Shipment Building & Optimization
  • RF Loading & Manifesting

Inventory Management

  • Location/Zone Management (by Customer)
  • Cycle Count
  • Real-Time Worker Views
  • Real-Time Inventory View & Tracking


  • Self-driving robots carry cartons, pallets in warehouse
  • Pick-to-Light for easy, accurate picking

Value-Added Services

  • Customer Portal
  • Task Monitor
  • KPI Dashboards by Industry
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Document Management
  • Integrated EDI Platform
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Mobile Warehouse Management App
  • Transportation Event Tracking
  • Customer-Specific Workflows
  • Customizable Labels
  • Multi-Account/Multi-Warehouse

Real-Time, Automatic Monitoring

  • RFID Applicators attach RFID tag on cartons, pallets at receiving
  • RFID sensor marked locations to monitor accurate putaway and real-time inventory
  • RFID Gateways monitor in real-time any movement/changes in the warehouse

Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

  • Hosting: Amazon Web Service with a Variety of Plan Options.
  • Availability: With the right plan, we ensure up to 99% availability with options for no single point of failure and a well organized disaster recovery plan (DRP).
  • Performance: Capable of performing lighting responses from internet based applications, regardless of the type of application or the volume of processing that happens behind the screens.
  • Backup and Restore: Build scalable, durable, and secure backup & restore solutions.
  • Security: Security of the application has to be looked as a comprehensive integrated engine that connects the subscription, tenant level security, usage restrictions, data restrictions, encryptions, user and role level privileges.
  • Monitoring: Pro-active monitoring of the application is offered, ensuring the availability of the system and tackle any unexpected scenarios in production by multiple levels of monitoring.
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Why Choose Orgit WMS360?



WMS360 is a solution designed by Warehouse Managers for Warehousing Operations. Therefore, we truly do understand Supply Chain and Logistics. We leverage this knowledge to ensure that we are able to offer a solution that addresses the real issues that afflict your business needs today and those that the future may hold.



All aspects of WMS360 can be fully integrated to 3rd party applications. Everything needed to gain greater control over your enterprise within a single environment.



WMS360’s Cloud technology allows you to view, analyze, report and maintain data according to your specifications in real-time from anywhere at anytime. We assure 98.9% uptime thus ensuring you never stop receiving and you never stop shipping.



With WMS360, the entire solution, including all existing and future functionality are yours at no additional cost. There is no need to pay additional fees for new features, now or ever. WMS360 is a complete solution covering every aspect from Purchase Order Management, WMS, EDI Gateway and a Customer Portal. Acquiring WMS360 means you get everything.



No one warehouse is the same, this is why WMS360’s architecture allows you to Configure, customize and personalize the interfaces to suit business requirements and preferences.



WMS360 streamlines your business processes, simplifies tasks, provides relevant data on demand and increases overall productivity, positively impacting your bottom line, providing real ROI.

Case Studies

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WMS360 for Daybar

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Matrix implemented WMS360 software application designed for multi-warehouse environments

Matrix had been managing their warehouse logistics manually, so when the project began, there was no ...

What’s my investment in WMS360?

The WMS360 warehouse management fee mainly depends on the current warehouse operations and other additional customization requirements if needed.

With the aim to provide a project quote for your business, our consultant will have meetings with you to understand your challenges and expectations, then they will visit your warehouse, and will recommend the appropriate solution to fit your needs and your budget.

We’d love to show you a demonstration of WMS360. Kindly fill out the form to get the process started.

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