60 Seconds In Supply Chain: Technology in the Supply Chain

Welcome to this week’s edition of 60 seconds in supply chain. 

The goal of the supply chain is to get the right product at the right price to the right place at the right time.

Seems reasonable enough…

So, how can technology impact businesses in a positive way to get from the beginning of the cycle to the end of the cycle?  TecF
First of all, identify the areas that are not performing as well as they could and create an overall strategy with Key Performance Indicators to create a list from must-haves to nice to haves.
Secondly, work with a team of people who understand the supply chain inner workings and can consult on the best technology solutions to achieve your goals.  This team should also develop a phased approach to implementation of technology.
Lastly, make sure to always keep an open dialog between the stakeholders within your supply chain, from the factory to the procurement team, to the sales channel, warehouses, shipping, and delivery.  

By continually evaluating procedures and technology, there is always room to improve the customer experience, become more profitable and grow overall as an organization.