Case Study: A Cold Chain Provider Captures the Market with WMS360™

Case Study: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS software) for Cold Storage 3PL companies

MGM Bosco Logistics is a leading Indonesian transportation, cold storage warehousing, and third party logistics company. The company’s services include the pick-up, handling and storage of food products such as frozen beef, poultry, ice cream, fresh fruits, and beverages. Operating over 500 refrigerated vehicles and a network of cold storage facilities, MGM Bosco Logistics serves blue-chip clients in over 100 Indonesian cities. MGM Bosco is based in Surabaya, Indonesia with facilities in Jakarta, Banjarmasin, and Makassar.

The Challenge

MGM Bosco sought a specialized warehouse management system for its Surabaya, Jakarta and Banjarmasin locations, capable of supporting the growing complexity of its 3PL business. To strengthen their leadership position in the Indonesian cold chain market, they needed a warehouse management solution specifically designed to provide the levels of service quality, efficiency and flexibility demanded by their customers. Over 100 employees will be using the WMS.

The company was using MS Excel to manage operations. Their goals were to:

  • Improve the efficiency of their fulfillment process
  • Increase the accuracy of their customer’s inventory
  • Provide real-time reporting to their upper management
  • Aggressively grow market share via technological innovation

The Solution

WMS360 is a modular solution, covering tracking, inbound, outbound and inventory management functions from a single login. It improves warehouse operations of all sizes, for both single and multi-warehouse operations.

This flexible, configurable rules-based system is easy to deploy with advanced features that allow integration with third party platforms, full warehouse automation, EDI, and document management systems. 

The MGM Bosco team vetted several WMS solutions and chose WMS360 because it provided all the features needed to maximize the benefits a WMS afforded. The solution was flexible and well adapted to their business needs. Most attractive were WMS360’s high level of visibility and control over their material flow, and the efficiency of the workflows.

Because WMS360 was developed by supply chain experts, it was easy to customize for MGM Bosco’s cold chain infrastructure needs. And, because of the urgency of MGM Bosco’s situation, the Seldat team implemented it in three months, enabling MGM Bosco to stay ahead of their competition.

What They Liked

  • Sales Process. MGM Bosco was impressed with Seldat’s understanding of supply chain, response to their RFI, product demonstrations and willingness to tailor a solution for cold storage.
  • Industry Knowledge. Due to Seldat’s supply chain legacy the implementation team not only thoroughly understood the environment---but also the pains and processes within and outside of the warehouse.
  • Customization. WMS360 can be organized in a matrix fashion, i.e., specialization by function or level. For example, MGM wanted to track occupancy, so the Seldat team created dashboard graphs/reports tailored for the Management team. 
  • Support. The Jakarta facility was suffering from inventory inaccuracies. Seldat’s implementation team identified the root cause of the problem and partnered with MGM Bosco to get their counts back on track.
  • Simplicity. WMS360’s UI is very easy to follow. MGM Bosco’s employees learned it very quickly and understood the process with very limited training.
  • Platform. WMS360 is a web-based, compliant application and can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Alt text for image: MGM Bosco Logistics

The Result

After implementing WMS360TM, MGM Bosco experienced immediate improvements:

  • Employee morale boost—easy to learn and quickly adopted.
  • Increased efficiency in all warehouse operations
  • Improvements in timeliness and accuracy 
  • Decision making data gains in speed and intelligence
  • Seamless integration
  • Innovation—MGM Bosco is the first Indonesian supply chain company to implement a WMS.

“I have been very pleased with how responsive the Seldat team has been considering this is MGM Bosco’s first WMS360TM implementation. With extremely limited resources and on a very tight deadline, we appreciate all of the great support we’ve received from Seldat both pre- and post- implementation. I speak on behalf of the entire Surabaya team when I say that we look forward to the next implementation of WMS360 with the Seldat team.”
- M. Shah Durani
 R. Razak, MGM Bosco, Operations Director

WMS360 Features

  • End-to-end visibility, from suppliers to points of use.
  • Business intelligence to support Excellence and CI initiatives.
  • Comprehensive dashboards to track KPI’s, performance, and current activities.
  • Auto alerts to quickly react to potential emergencies.
  • Mobile-enabled to access data with via smartphone.
  • Flexible work flows to optimize your handling processes.
  • Advanced interfaces to support automations.
  • Dedicated EDI integration and monitoring platform.
  • SOA infrastructure for quick interface with ERPs 
  • A modular system that supports easy customizations
  • Adaptability to multiple industries and vertical integrations.
  • Value Added Services integrated with the ordering process 
  • Work order management and invoicing
  • Cycle count scheduling and enhanced inventory management processes
  • License plate tracking-- inbound and outbound
  • QA validations and non-conformity management 
  • RFID integration to inbound and outbound activities

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