Case Study Direct Mail deploys Solocate for dispatch, route and delivery management

Case Study: Direct Mail deploys Solocate for dispatch, route and delivery management

Direct Mail is the largest mail and package distributor serving the orthodox community in Israel. The orthodox community is characterized by their strict adherence to the traditional form of Jewish law and their rejection of modern secular culture. Direct Mail serves people that often don’t have computers and live where it is very difficult, if not impossible, for state run post office services to work efficiently. It is estimated that the orthodox community makes up 15% of the Israeli population. Direct Mail has been in serving the community for over 10 years and has offices in Ashdod. They serve approximately 1,000 people per day with 12 vehicles and over 100 delivery orders a day per driver route.

The Problems

Direct Mail had been using a different solution for over three years. They found that the  product had an aging interface, was becoming  increasingly inflexible in dealing with their unique needs,and it  was based on legacy technology that did not provide many of  the new features required to keep up with changing delivery requirements.

“Seldat proved themselves both an important supplier and business partner. They listened to our needs and provided us with the best user interface and the best product features. They gave us everything we asked for and more, including training, implementation ex- pertise and they even consulted with us on best practices for our workflows and use cases. The bottom line – Seldat is our go-to partner for future growth and success.” 

Motti Scharwatz, CEO of Direct Mail

The Requirements

Direct Mail was looking for user-friendly dashboards, reporting and routes paired for an enhanced user experience to provide higher customer satisfaction. They required built-in KPI analytics, custom reporting and performance monitoring for informed tracking, assessment and adjustment to their operations. Their goal was to save money and time, and to ultimately see an impact to their bottom line.


Dispatch Dashboard & Order Management

Mobile App for Drivers

  • Current Route and Delivery Status
  • Real-time Exceptions Alerts
  • Easy Delivery Order Creation and Import
  • Address Validation
  • Multilingual Support, including Hebrew
  • Google Maps & Waze Integrations
  • Job Detail Display and Real-time Status
  • Route, Road Condition, and Navigation Display
  • Customer & Dispatch Communication
  • Upload Images and Comments to Orders
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Delivery Job Management
  • Barcode Scanning

Route Optimization

Billing & Reporting

  • Intelligent Algorithm-Driven Route Optimization
  • Optimized Routing based on Delivery Schedules
  • Real-time Route & Progress Visualization
  • Delivery Order and Driver Route Auto-assignment
  • Manual and Auto Route Creation
  • Drag-and-Drop Job Sequencing
  • Fleet Capacity Planning
  • Driver and Route Performance Monitoring
  • Auto-generated Invoices
  • Customer Invoice Auto-upload
  • Driver, Delivery, and Route Performance Analytics
  • Multi-format Report Options
  • Pre-configured and Customizable Reporting



Solocate Diagram Basic


The Solution

The Solocate dispatch, route and delivery optimization solution simplified Direct Mail’s delivery management, route planning, and vehicle fleet tracking. This has already empowered their businesses, customers, and drivers tocollaboratively visualize and carry out delivery activities in real-time, from anywhere.

The system is available across multiple devices and in multiple languages, and Direct Mail is using the Solocate Hebrew version. Solocate is accessed through a browser, Android or iOS mobile application for a 360° view of all delivery orders and operations. The dynamic dashboard, automated route and fleet optimization, and easy-to-understand information displays help Direct Mail proactively manage, act and report on their operations.

The Results

After an implementation time of only 45 days, Direct Mail is now using an efficient, collaborative delivery ecosystem for all of their stakeholders.

They have an overall view of completed, active, and planned operations. They have continuous insight at every step so that they have the flexibility to update when necessary. They have measured increased satisfaction for both their customers and their drivers.

Their customers are happy with the frequency of their deliveries. The drivers benefit from a single, intuitive platform for orders and delivery with complete visibility providing them an efficient, standardized step-by-step process.

Future Plans

Direct Mail planning to expand their customer-base to include new customer segments in the orthodox community.

Like all businesses, they want to have a strong engagement with all parties involved in transactions, and a smooth interactive user experience in native mobile apps.

“We are excited that Direct Mail is better able to serve their community and have data-driven decision making tools at their fingertips. By optimizing their resources, their customers get packages in a timely manner. The full mobility and visibility of the platform allows Direct Mail, their customers and their drives to communicate effectively and ensure that nothing is lost in the complexities of day-to-day activities.” 

Chacko Varghese, Senior Vice President and
Global CTO, Seldat Technology Services

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