Century Uses WMS360 to Optimize Warehouse Operations

Century Uses WMS360 to Optimize Warehouse Operations

Century is a manufacturer of high-quality polyester filament yarn, including Partially Oriented Yarn, Drawn Texturized Yarn, and Fully Drawn Yarn. Their products serve as the first inputs for knitting mills in the production of fabrics and other raw materials, which are later supplied to high-end footwear and sport-wear manufacturers.

As Vietnam’s leading Polyester Filament Yarn company for almost 18 years, Century combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. They were in the top 500 largest companies in Vietnam (VNR500) in 2017.

They have two warehouses located in Tay Ninh province, Vietnam with a total of 1,200 pallets. 

The Problem

Century manually managed material and finished goods and struggled with warehouse operational management. Some of the most important issues that required immediate consideration included the inaccuracy of inbound and outbound material management, ambiguous processing practices, and the measurement of worker performance. 

Century planned and opened a new warehouse which uses a racking system to store materials.  This added another level of complexity to track inventory from the start of the process through shipping and delivery.  


In order to manage the new warehouse as well as upgrade the first warehouse, which is now storing goods on the floor, Century required a WMS system with the following features:

  • Inbound and Outbound planning

  • Customize put-away and cross-docking

  • Location/Zone Management

  • Cycle Count

  • Real-Time Worker Views

  • Real-Time Inventory View & Tracking

  • Document Management

  • Integrate with SAP

  • Role-based Access control

  • Tasks Monitor

The Solution

After learning about the requirements from Century, Seldat Technology System’s team proposed the WMS360 solution, which was a perfect fit for their expectations. The Seldat Tech created an exact replica of the warehouse flow in a view layout so that the Century team would be familiar with it. With the dynamic dashboard, Century can see the real-time volume of inbound and outbound inventory in detail, product status, the percentage of zone capacities as well as who is picking what products. The system suggests put-away and picking locations based on the strategies built on the seasons and types of materials so that it prevents picking wrong items.  This also shortens and optimizes activities on the warehouse floor, so as a result, it helps improve worker performance and productivity.


The Century executives and workers are now confident and comfortable with using the software’s features after being trained by Seldat Tech. The managers can now easily track tasks, product workflows and they have diversified reports to share with the board of directors. Furthermore, they have been able to better plan inbound and outbound activities and delivery schedules. 

As a part of the new system, warehouse personnel receives task assignments sent to barcode readers which include zone location and description, and they can complete these tasks precisely and error-free. This has improved their KPI evaluation and individual performance reports.  

After six months of using WMS360, picking has improved 25% compared to original workflows. And workers efficiency has performed 12% greater and the utilization rate has reached nearly 11%. Managers now can see the goods in real-time and have multiple reports that are just a click away.  

Future Plans

Both managers and workers are happy with the performance of WMS360, and have rated the system a 9 in a customer satisfaction survey.  They readily recommend Seldat Tech to its clients and partners. 

“This is the first time that we experienced such great support from a software provider like Seldat Technology Services. We experienced challenges while managing the warehouse, and after reviewing WMS360, we decided that the software was the right fit for us. The performance has matched or exceeded our expectations and because our experience was so positive, we are considering another project with Seldat Tech.  We are happy to welcome those looking to see a system in action for a site visit.”

- Pham Ngoc Thai, IT Manager, Century.