Disruptive Supply Chain Management Technologies

Disruptive Supply Chain Management Technologies

You’re always looking for ways to improve your supply chain management -- and save on your overall operating costs in the process.

After all, about 80% of companies with a successful supply chain management strategy outperform the majority of competitors within their industry. We know you’d like to be among them.

If you feel like there are gaps in the way you approach supply chain management, perhaps some of the latest disruptive SCM technologies can help. As SCM continues to become more data-driven, and as automation begins to play even more of a role in improving the process than in the past, you need to be certain you’re keeping up with the times.

You may wonder what is driving increased spending in Supply chain and toward disruptive technology.  According to Eye for Transport, corporate needs to increase the shareholder’s value, quarter after quarter.  The financial objective is to increase revenue, profit margins, and asset utilization.  As we see, from the chart below, that the opportunities when moving to disruptive technology range from improved operating efficiencies to a 40% increase in ROI.


Read on to learn more about what to expect from supply chain management technologies to boost your business.

New Warehouse Management Software

Whether you have one warehouse or dozens, it’s no secret that managing them all can be a serious challenge.

Improper management can lead to excess inventory, a loss of profits, delayed orders, and even improper trend analysis and forecasting. It can also lead to seriously strained business relationships. Luckily, one of the top disruptive supply chain management technologies that 2019 has to offer can help to make these issues a thing of the past.

Solutions like WMS360 offer omnichannel integration, customizable options, and the ability to quickly identify what’s causing slow-downs in your workflow.

You’ll have access to innovative inbound and outbound planning features. These include things like wave management, RF loading, gate management, and even appointment setting. You can also benefit from real-time monitoring and automation, thanks to RFID sensors and gateways. About 40% of companies are currently considering supply chain automation, so now is the time to get in on this trend.

We especially love the fact that EDI is included as a part of the WMS360 package, which means that you’ll be able to not just save money but get all your information in the same place.

Best of all?  WMS360 can be customized to meet your workflow requirements, including the configuration of the specific business rules regarding your company’s needs or your industry’s fast-paced environment. If you have one or multiple warehouses in different regions, WMS360 can help you centralize your data and improve traceability.

The ultimate goal? For you to be able to increase the accuracy of your overall inventory management to 100%. Execution of warehouse management lets your company improve its competitive advantage by minimizing labor expenses, improving inventory accuracy, increasing flexibility, and responsiveness. WMS360 allows companies to manage inventory in real time, with data as existing as the latest order, shipment, or receipt and any movement in between.

Improved Delivery Solutions

What’s new in the world of delivery?

Expect to see software like Solocate make it much easier to track and manage every part of the delivery process.

After all, it’s no secret that the quality of your delivery services has a huge impact on customer satisfaction. It’s all about finding software that improves the process for both your company and your customers -- and the delivery drivers themselves.

We especially love features like driver route optimization. Not only does this give you real-time route progress, but it also offers drag-and-drop job sequencing features. It auto-assigns deliveries to help ensure that orders get there as quickly as possible.

Expect to see software that also offers mobile apps for drivers. This makes the delivery process much more efficient, as it allows them to upload order images, make comments on orders, and lets them communicate with customers when needed. The app also offers barcode scanning.

Solocate also makes the dispatch process much simpler by offering Google Maps integration, real-time order email updates, and even multilingual options. There’s even an option for address verification.

Best of all?

Invoices are automatically generated, and the software works with QuickBooks. Plus, the software allows you to analyze and report on specific drivers. This way, you’ll know you’re working with the best every time.

Integrative Sales Management Platforms

What if you could take care of your sales, invoices, purchasing, and even delivery all on a single platform? We’re willing to bet that not only would your ROI improve, but so would your relationships with your buyers and vendors.

Disruptive technology makes this kind of efficiency in supply chain management possible.

Platforms like Vendooo provide you with a real-time summary of your orders and overall business activities. You’ll have more control over your product catalogs, and you can easily integrate this software with platforms like Amazon, eBay, and even WMS.

You can use Vendooo to create promotional opportunities, membership benefits, and other customer loyalty programs.

Vendooo allows you to improve the procurement process between you and your suppliers. You can use it to request a quote from your supplier, who will then be able to communicate with you directly through the supplier portal. This way, you can clear up any purchase order issues and pricing discrepancies before they become an issue.

You’ll also be able to receive real-time updates to a corresponding mobile application. So, no matter where you are, you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your business.

Plus, the easy-to-use dashboard means that it’s easier than ever to keep track of sales, purchasing, and everything in between.

Which of These New Supply Chain Management Technologies Will You Use?

From helping you to improve delivery to connecting you with software that streamlines your warehouse management and sales processes, disruptive supply chain management is guaranteed to improve your operational processes and boost your business.

Looking to put some of these solutions into action at your company? Want to understand more about how finding the right software can help you to increase your ROI? Are you ready to take your approach to supply chain management to the next level?

If so, we want to work with you to make it happen.  Mention this blog and receive one free hour of SCM consultation.

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