Matrix implemented WMS360 software application designed for multi-warehouse environments

Case study: Matrix Quality Services uses WMS360 (WMS system)

About Matrix

Matrix Quality Services is a 3PL servicing the US Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) automotive market with Just in Time (JIT) deliveries under Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) processes. With over 25 years of experience in the OEM automotive after-market, Matrix performs sub-assemblies, light manufacturing, quality assurance, and rework activities requested by vendors, or as covered by contractual agreements. They provide same day service to most locations throughout the Midwest, Southern U.S., and Canada.

Matrix’s customers are vendors located in Asia holding agreements with the main US car manufacturers such as General Motors and Ford to supply parts on a JIT basis to their manufacturing facilities. Inventories in the Matrix warehouses are managed by their vendors who provide the inbound and outbound schedules.

Matrix has a large inventory of tooling and gauges. They are equipped to handle assembly projects from manual assembly, to projects requiring automation, and turnkey operations. They are capable of machining, grinding, sanding, de-burring, and cleaning.

The Problem

Matrix had been managing their warehouse logistics manually, so when the project began, there was no technology solution in place.  As manual processes are open to human error, they found that inventory numbers were often inaccurate and needed to be continuously adjusted. 

Due to the manual processes, there was not enough barcoding used on the inbound process, and the barcodes that were utilized did not have any data associated with them.  If a label fell off, there was no way to show first in, first out.  It was time to find the right solution for their specific needs.


Matrix was primarily motivated to streamline warehouse inbound and outbound operations with accurate, visible and intuitive data management.  With increased focus on growing their operations, they needed to increase user productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer attraction and retainment.

They wanted to keep it simple while being very flexible in offering improved customer engagement for billing, invoicing, and reporting. 

Matrix receives parts in full containers loads, stocks products in proximity warehouses, and ensures timely deliveries to manufacturing plants.  In order to meet these objectives, warehouse operations needed to be automated so that they always have an exact count of what is in the warehouse, what time the order arrived and for which customer. 

Reporting is critical for Matrix, and they wanted to be able to read data and export the data into customized formats depending on the customer and user.  They also required workflows that matched their specific warehouse operations.  Having just completed the development of their 3PL processes, they selected to partner with Seldat Technology Services to understand how they could improve their logistical plan of action.

The Solution

Matrix implemented Seldat Tech’s WMS360 software application designed for multi-warehouse environments. WMS met Matrix’s requirements as a flexible, configuration-driven and rule-based system that allows customization, integration, full warehouse automation, EDI, documentation management, and reporting. 

Key features include:

  • 3PL Client Management
  • Pallet Inbound & Outbound
  • 3PL Billing
  • Cycle Count
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Customer Portal
  • EDI Gateway
  • Quick Books Integration


Matrix has seen a host of positive results since the implementation of the WMS360 in March of 2019.  The most impactful outcome has been the improvement of the quality services.  Customers are adding OEM requirements which has increased Matrix’s business.  There has also been an improvement in labor costs which will continue to grow as more features are implemented in future phases.

The automation of receiving, shipping, inventory, reporting, and billing has led to a tremendous reduction of duplicate data and manual report preparation, along with improved internal control over inventory and tracking.  Finding inventory locations quickly and easily has created operational efficiency that did not exist before automation.

Customer relations have been enhanced due to the availability of real-time data through the Customer Portal and EDI connections into their systems. Matrix has plans to add increased functionality to the user-friendly Portal to further improve customer satisfaction.

Overall, they streamlined warehousing operations, and:

  • Implemented best-in-class warehousing practices
  • Automated receiving, shipping, cycle counting, reporting, and billing
  • Improved accuracy and visibility of data management by:
    • Improving internal control over inventory
    • Providing availability of real-time data
  • Improved inventory tracking by:
    • Eliminating errors
    • Providing end-to-end visibility
    • Tracking vendor LPs (license plates) or reference numbers
    • Tracking serial codes
  • Automated the invoicing process for:
    • 3PL logistics services
    • Assemblies and light manufacturing
  • Reduced duplicate data entry and manual report preparation
  • Implemented EDI interface into customer systems
  • Enhanced the Customer Portal
  • Promoted growth and customer engagement with best-in-class practices
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Provided flexible workflows for:
    • LP tracking
    • Serial code tracking
    • Project specific requirements

Future Plans

For the next phase, more features will be added to the system, especially custom capabilities that work for both the warehouse and customers.

The Customer Portal will be enhanced with personalized views by user, based on individual requirements. With the addition of a Report Generator, Matrix will have access to run reports and queries based on selected data.  They will also be able to schedule reports that will automatically be sent via email to their customers who would prefer that method of communication. 

One of the major critical success factors for the next phase is the implementation of a 3PL billing module which will seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks. 


“Matrix is ranked among the highest in after-market parts, and working with Seldat Technology Services on our warehouse management requirements has improved the quality of our operations for our customers,” said Patty Hollenbeck, IT Manager.

Download Matrix Quality Service Case Study here