Orgit hopes to create a new concept of 'smart logistics' in Vietnam

Orgit hopes to create a new concept of 'smart logistics' in Vietnam

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the second-fastest-growing e-commerce market after Indonesia.


The war on logistics among the "big" e-commerce companies is becoming increasingly fierce in the context that the logistics industry is strategically planned to become a key service of Ho Chi Minh City with the contribution rate up to 8% - 10% of GDP, growth of 15% - 20%. At the same time, forming a professional logistics service will help increase the percentage of outsourcing logistics services to 50% - 60%, contributing to reducing Vietnam's logistics costs to 16% of GDP by 2025.


Investment, logistics development is one of the prerequisites for scaling up and strong development of e-commerce. According to data of, by 2021 there will be 42 million e-commerce users, an increase of 18% in the past two years online shopping channels in Vietnam, accounting for nearly 60% of the total population.


In January, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement with Amazon to assist Vietnamese businesses in participating in the international sales network of Amazon Global Selling. This partnership will provide access to more than 300 million customer databases and help Vietnamese businesses access wholesale purchasing agents from international markets.


According to the latest report from Google and Temasek, Vietnam's e-commerce industry is expected to reach the $ 15 billion mark by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 43% from 2015 to 2025. In the region of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the second-fastest-growing market after Indonesia.


The development of e-commerce will put increasing pressure on logistics systems, supply chains, distribution and retail channels, as well as workshops/storehouses. Major online retail brands must constantly improve themselves to provide a better shopping experience for customers.


Meanwhile, the quality of warehousing in Vietnam has not been able to keep up with the demands of large e-commerce platforms as well as international logistics service companies. 


All the services at Orgit require state-of-the-art facilities provided by professional developers. As the digital technology and e-commerce industries in Vietnam are booming, experts said that WMS (Warehouse Management System) will be a fertile ground for businesses providing software solutions. The reason for the pressure of globalization and the strict demands of customers, along with the rapid growth of e-commerce, businesses are put in the situation of applying technology to improve high competitiveness.


In addition, the urgency of logistics in e-commerce has promoted the development of logistics in general and warehouse fulfillment of orders in particular. This is why big players in Vietnam's e-commerce industry such as Lazada, Tiki and Sendo build warehouses to complete their own orders to maintain service quality and optimize logistics management costs.


Orgit hopes to create a new concept of 'smart logistics'. The combination of supply chain management consulting, logistics solutions and automation factors, our customer support brings the best experience to service users. We believe that the time to create new standards in the supply chain in Vietnam has come, meeting the increasing demand of the consumer economy.