About the Customer

MGMBOSCO specializes in the management of logistics, transportation, and distribution services, including bonded as well as value-added and assembly services. The company operates warehouses in several locations in Jakarta, Bekasi, Makarsa, Surabaya, covering an area of more than 40,000m², of which approximately 25,000m² are indoors.

Customer’s Pain Points

MGMBOSCO has 100-200 shipping orders and Goods Receipt per day, to multiple locations of multiple customers across Indonesia. Those shipping orders are being carried by various 3rd shipping companies.

The Tally Man doesn’t know where are the goods need to pick for the orders. They don’t know what is the best location need to put away goods. These problems make them lost a lot of time to process the Orders and Goods Receipt.

A large of cartons were expired because they don’t know what cartons need to pick by priority of expired date.

ORGIT’s Solution

ORGIT with Warehouse Management System solution helps MGMBOSCO to get away those pain points. With an easy-to-use shipping order importing system, easy to put away the goods for Goods Receipt, MGMBOSCO can process a large number of shipping orders, Goods Receipt into the system every day, then WMS automatically suggests locations for putting away allocates goods, pick goods for difference Orders.

The WMS gives them the solution to resolve all of their Pain Points. Helps them process Orders, Goods Receipt so fast.


Since the go-live from November 6th, 2016, WMS has smoothly proceeded thousands of shipping Orders, Goods Receipts for MGMBOSCO.

WMS Integrated with SAP.

The customer is so happy with the WMS and ORGIT’s Support, Maintenance Services, and planning for further integrations with their other management systems in the company.