Seldat Solocate for Ashdod Bonded

Case Study: Seldat Solocate for Ashdod Bonded

About the Customer

Ashdod Bonded specializes in the management of logistics, transportation, and distribution services, including bonded and free warehouses as well as value-added and assembly services. The company operates warehouses in several locations in Israel, covering an area of more than 100,000m², of which approximately 45,000m² are indoors.

Customer’s Pain Points

Ashdod Bonded has 100-200 shipping orders per day, to multiple locations of multiple customers across Israel. Those shipping orders are being carried by various 3rd shipping companies.

The allocating of shipping orders to have an optimal shipping route/plan every day is a time-consuming-headache for Ashdod Bonded’s team.

The price, cost & profit calculation is another time consuming task as Ashdod Bonded maintains different price lists for each customer, and different cost list for each 3rd Shipping companies.

Seldat’s Solution

Seldat with Solocate solution helps Ashdod Bonded to get away those pain points.

  • With an easy-to-use shipping order importing system, Ashdod Bonded can import large amount of shipping orders into the system every day.
  • Then Solocate automatically allocates them into different routes to have optimal travel distance, zone grouping, vehicle capacity, driver’s availability, etc., together with a notify system to flag negative profit routes/trips, just by one click.
  • The system also comes with dynamic configurable price lists, can generate easy-to-read price & cost reports by multiple formats, that can adapt with all the needs from Ashdod Bonded’s customers & 3rd partners.


Since the go-live from November 4th, 2019, Solocate has smoothly proceeded thousands of shipping orders for Ashdod Bonded. The customer is happy with the Solocate, and planning for further integrations with their other management systems in the company.

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