Supply Chain Software (Not) Out of The Box

Supply Chain Software (Not) Out of The Box

Companies with well-performing supply chains have always had a tremendous advantage over their competitors. In the past, large organizations were the ones that could afford cutting-edge supply chain technology, as it was often very expensive and took years to customize and implement. Larger corporations were more prepared to face challenges and ultimately win more business because they performed more seamlessly.

Seldat Technology changes all of that. Our integrated supply chain platform allows any sized company, from any given industry, to implement solutions to their specific business, creating a level playing field to compete and become more profitable. Here are some of the challenges you might have faced that you can now overcome with Seldat Technology Solutions:

  • Solutions that were too expensive are now available and can be customized to your specific workflows. All within your budget, in a reasonable timeframe.
  • The base application has features that everybody uses, and we work with you on your personalized processes to make adjustments, configurations and any customization needed.
  • Our software works with your business rules, not the other way around.
  • We work with you to understand what integrations are necessary for your seamless operations including reporting, communication, and data visibility. We believe all of your systems should work together to provide information that should be leveraged for better decision making.

Seldat Technology’s supply chain solutions provide unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning to execution to connecting with your entire network of customers and partners.

With our supply chain softwares and products, you can eliminate costs, address your workflow’s specific requirements, and enhance focus on your core competencies. Designed to automate and to improve your company’s unique processes, this set of supply chain applications helps run your end-to-end operations, no matter how complex or unique your workflows are.

Seldat Technology's Integrated Supply Chain Platform is comprised of solutions for each stage of the journey:

  • POMS for Procurement Management
  • WMS360, a Warehouse Management System
  • Vendooo Sales Management Application, specifically for Vendors & Customers
  • Solocate for Dispatch, Route, and Delivery Management

Our global Research and Development team will bring to life your product vision. We are experts in customized product development, from a standalone solution to a broad suite of personalized applications.

Seldat Technology’s unparalleled customer support involves more than just ensuring our clients have a seamless experience with our solutions. We provide long-term value that comes from being part of a global organization with some of the most experienced supply chain professionals in the industry, and they will help you meet your operational and strategic goals.

In conclusion, if you feel like your SCM system or any part of your supply chain softwares, isn’t performing, let us consult with you for one hour (this is free, BTW!) so we can help you get a system that works for you, not the other way around.