Three Benefits of Supply Chain Management Consulting Services

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Consulting Services

Ready for a statistic that will make you rethink your entire approach to supply chain management?

The average retailer has an inventory accuracy of just over 60%. What can you do to get that number much closer to 100%?

You might think you know the issues when it comes to your approach to SCM. However, the truth is that there are often gaps and missed opportunities to lower your operating costs that you’d never even realize on your own. Especially if profits just aren’t where you want them to be -- and if you feel like your level of customer satisfaction has taken a serious hit in recent months?

It might be time to consider what SCM consulting services can do for your business.

Still need a bit of convincing? Read on to learn the value of supply chain management consulting.

You'll Save More Money

About 80% of companies that prioritize their approach to supply chain management make more money than the majority of their competitors. We know you want to be among them.

Before you can get to those numbers, however, you need to understand where your workflow is slowing down. It’s not enough to just estimate where the problem is and how much money you could save by fixing it.

You need the evidence-based data and cost analysis that only SCM consulting services can provide. For example, perhaps the issue isn’t actually the cost of your shipping, but rather the revenue hit that you take because of gaps in your inventory.

Maybe you’re buying far too many of some products that you plan to sell -- and not enough of the things you actually need. Perhaps now is the time to reassess your vendors, as you’re paying more than you can afford for goods or services you could get for a better price elsewhere.

You simply can’t solve the problem without taking the time to correctly identify it. This is the first step in any sort of SCM solution.

You'll Benefit from the Latest Technology

Did you know that the average company loses anywhere from 20-30% of their revenue because of inefficient business practices and errors in data entry?

The truth is that your supply chain management strategies -- and your profits -- are likely already suffering because you’re not taking advantage of some of the top software and the latest technologies.

When you meet with a professional SCM consulting service, you’ll learn in detail about how the right technology could improve not only your warehouse management, but also your sales platform and delivery strategies.

Imagine how more accurate, real-time assessments of your inventory could improve your business. Consider how having the chance to track deliveries, communicate with drivers, and even scan barcodes on mobile devices could make your shipping process more efficient. Think about how having a customizable SCM software solution could allow you to expand your business without sacrificing the quality of the goods and services you provide.

Don’t worry -- we’ll make sure that you’re able to find software that’s compatible with all of the platforms you’re already using.

You’ll be able to replenish your inventory before it ever gets so low that you can’t fulfil orders on time. You can shorten your overall sales cycle by embracing mobile technology that allows you to place client orders anywhere, at any time.

These are just some of the things that the right technology -- especially as it relates to automation -- can improve your business.

You'll Benefit From Automation

There are so many reasons why now is the right time to start thinking seriously about automation as it relates to your SCM strategy.

However, you might not even know about all the options you have available -- or just how much you could benefit from automation.

When you embrace supply chain automation, you’ll see much more than just lower overall operating costs. You’ll find that you’re also able to increase your overall production levels -- without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

You’ll also benefit from more exact data. Eliminate the potential costliness of manual data entry errors, and start making data-driven decisions about your inventory.

Automation can even help you to ensure that you’re where you want to be when it comes to compliance and any other industry regulations you need to follow. You can schedule routine maintenance, understand and report your workflow with greater accuracy, and even understand who might be responsible for a serious problem.

Above all, automation allows you to be able to do more for your consumers. You’ll make sure you’re able to fulfil orders, ensure you can deliver on-time, and above all, meet and exceed consumer demand.

About 90% of American consumers say that they’ve shopped at another company because the item they wanted to order wasn’t in stock. You don’t want a lack of insight into your inventory to cost you business.

Automation can truly revolutionize the way you do business. Especially if you’re in the process of considering expansion, it’s something you can’t succeed without. Let a SCM consulting professional explain what’s possible. You’ll be shocked by how much easier things can be.

Looking for the Best in SCM Consulting Services?

No matter the industry you’re working within, your target market, or the number of warehouses you currently have, you can benefit from all that supply chain management consulting services have to offer your business.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how SCM consulting services can save you money, allow you to get more out of every day, and help you to expand your business as a whole.

Don’t spend one more day operating less efficiently than your competition. Instead, let us show you just how much more you’re capable of doing.