WMS360 for Daybar

WMS360 for Daybar

About the Customer

Daybar specializes in the management of logistics and manufacturing. The company operates warehouses in several locations in Canada.

Customer’s Pain Points

Daybar has the need to manage their warehouse electronically and to skip all paper work. They don’t have such an application to do this for a long time.

Doing all activities and transactions inside a warehouse with paper work took them a lot of time and gave them lots of data issues so they need to improve the employee’s performance and the accuracy of data.

Seldat’s Solution

Seldat with WMS360 for Daybar helps them solve all the pain points.

All activities inside the warehouse from Receiving, Put away, Inventory Management, Picking, Put back, Shipping, Data Correction and many other features are done quickly and exactly from both Web Application and Handheld Device Application.


Since the go-live from December, 2018, WMS360 has given Daybar all the functionalities to operate their warehouse smoothly. Daybar is very happy with the success of the Project and we’re still developing new functionalities for them as the change requests.